Announcing the new "Starship Music Series" - Currently Vincenzo is composing original music for SpaceX and various NASA programs. As the James Webb telescope brings us closer to the evolution of the Universe, the Series will constantly evolve. The Music is a voice, as we travel the vast expanse of the Universe, and return to the moon and then eventually Mars.

Voyager, images from the Odysseys Voyager, images from the Odysseys
Orion Nebula Orion Nebula
Passenger 11 Passenger 11
The Karman Line The Karman Line
Veil Nebula Veil Nebula

Recent New Original Compositions

Entrance #31

RIP to Mr. Tony Bennett, he was one of the most Beloved Entertainers in the World.
"You only come across a Tony Bennet once in a Lifetime"
Tribute to Tony Bennett Vincenzo Iafrati performing a
Tribute to Tony Bennett

Vincenzo Iafrati is currently composing Music for a new commissioned symphony, "Symphony No.2 Opus 14", The Pinot Noir Symphony.

Please visit the Symphony page for details.

Vincenzo Iafrati "Natural Light Studio"
Vincenzo Iafrati "Natural Light Studio"

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