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James (Vincenzo) Iafrati has been a significant Music Abstract Artist for nearly 30 years. He was the official Artist in Residence of the International Association of Jazz Educators. He calls his painting style  “MusicArt” including many of his earliest works with speakers built into the Art playing some of his original scores. He is well known Nationally with Gallery showings in Carmel, Las Vegas, Austin, Sedona, Miami, New York & Toronto. He has sold thousands of prints. His private client ist is quite extensive including many famous musicians, entertainers as collectors.

He has been selected many times as the official print for he Jazz & Smooth Jazz Cruises, with thousands of guests receiving prints. His works have been at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival, Sedona Music Festival,Toronto Jazz Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival,The Cabo Music Festival and the MusicCares Foundation of the Grammys.

Vincenzo has only been doing commissions the last 10 years. Most Art Pieces include a Music Score in the painting and then his Abstract approach utilizing Water Color, Acrylic, and Oils -- "Basically whatever materials the art should include to reach the Texture and Color".

Jam Session

“Jam Session”



La Aqua de Noche

“La Aqua de Noche”

Celestial Music

“Celestial Music”





The Neon Mask

“The Neon Mask”

Wine Label

The official "Jazz" Wine in Napa Valley

Original Art Wine
2014 “Jazz” - $26/bottle; $312/case