James R. Iafrati (known as Vincenzo) is of Italian & Welsh heritage. He was raised in Florence Italy and Paris France. His musical and artistic ability became evident at Saint Martin High School, where he studied Music and the Art of Calligraphy.

Vincenzo Iafrati

He received scholarships to Pacific Lutheran University and finished music degrees in instrumental & vocal music all by the age of 20.

He then received his Music Masters degrees and studied at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.

He is a composer and performs in all Genres of music from Film & Pop to Jazz and Electronic. He taught at the secondary levels of Music Education for years before continuing as a Professional Musician and Painter.

He was chosen by his peers to be one of the Founding Members and served as First President of the Northwest Chapter of NARAS (the Grammys'). Vincenzo IafratiHe has worked with Quincy Jones, James Horner, Ken Burns, Kevin Costner, Microsoft, Netflix and NASA. He has showcased his group Absolute Jazz at Carnegie Hall. He was chosen by Disney to be the music consultant  for "Mr. Hollands' Opus" and has continued the relationship.

He usually chooses to stay in the background, and has focused on his Music Paintings and Special music projects for many years, only doing commissions.

His art background is very extensive and he invented the term "MusicArt" juxtaposing music manuscript in relation to space, sound and light. His use of original musical composition interplayed with Abstract Art is considered totally original & unique. His art has been accepted worldwide with his extensive client list with many notable musicians, entertainers, & entrepreneurs as collectors.

Jam Session by Vincenzo Iafrati

With the recent advent of the NFT World being created, he is very supportive of Creators and Artists in this "New Paradigm Shift".

Fans & listeners should adopt, embrace and own this new medium to help further Artistic growth, including Royalty split compensation, etc. while helping all Creative individuals Worldwide make a good decent living.

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