This is phenomenal Artwork, I love my canvas of Latin Jazz.
Dee Dee Bridgewater, Vocalist
James' passion is evident in his work. I truly am inspired by the Well Tempered Clavier.
Dave Frisberg, Pianist
Vibrant colors and uplifting imagery.
Dennis Rowland, Vocalist
A visionary Artist.
Johnny Oneal, Pianist
I am enjoying your painting of 'Jazz'. It is unique and quite evocative of the world of Jazz.
Ken Burns, PBS Jazz Series, Florentine Films
Truly beautiful and extremely creative.
Keb Mo, blues artist
We commissioned a piece from James and are ecstatic. It's phenomenal with the interplay between the abstract structure and musical composition
Dr. Maria Manzo, Conductor
Wow! I love your work. It's a total arts immersion
Darmen Meader, New York Voices
I love the synergy and compassion of his art
Arturo Sandoval, trumpet
Too Cool!! The minute I saw the giclee of 'Jazz' I felt the sounds of the painting
Louise Rose, vocalist
His art is incredible and we love our original piece.
Mel Brown, drummer
The original music manuscript woven into the overall concept of the work is his signature
Daniel Marsh, Former Senator
You're a musician's musician and an artist's artist
Phil Baker, Bassist
Cubism, impressionistic colors and avant guard music into one piece - Great!
Paul Tolliver, cellist
Your work is incredible and totally unique
Debra Semer, NARAS
Very outstanding, creative and just fun!
David Berger, conductor
Truly, James is as renaissance man! I love his interaction of music, shapes and color hues.
Stephen Mellillo, Composer
We have an original 'Iafrati' and its glorious presence greets all of our guests at the entrance to the estate.
William Shoemacher, NorthWest Airlines